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Katey Inman, co-owner and director of Anchorage Yoga, has practiced and studied Yoga for over a decade. While living in Arizona, Katey trained with Anusara teachers Jordan and Martin Kirk completing her 200-hour Yoga Alliance® Teacher Training at At One Yoga. Upon completing her training she traveled to India to further her studies. In 2004 Katey moved to Alaska and began teaching to the Anchorage community. Over the years Katey has developed her own methodology of teaching that encompasses her love for all styles of Yoga. Katey encourages her students to have fun and to practice with an open heart.
Rick is one of Alaska's most recognizable yoga teachers, with over 15 years of teaching experience. He first certified with Bikram Choudhury in 1996. He has since trained with teachers as diverse as Sonia Sumar (Yoga for the Special Needs Child) to Jimmy Barkan (Barkan Method of Hot Yoga) appreciating the commonality in thoughts, in language, and in spirit. Rick believes that Yoga works to strengthen all aspects of ourselves. " With dedication to our practice we find the pathways to physical health, mental clarity and emotional stability, but it is not without work."
My first exposure to yoga was a Bikram class in 1996. I had no idea what I was getting myself into and the class didn’t match any of my preconceived notions of what yoga was about. I’d never been physically and mentally challenged like that, and I had to go back for more. Since then my practice has grown to include Ashtanga, vinyasa and other styles of yoga, but my home base has always been Bikram yoga. More than anything else, it’s helped me to manage stress, anxiety, and debilitating lumbar and cervical spine issues. I have more flexibility, endurance and strength now, in my 50s, than at any other time in my life. I believe in Bikram yoga because of what I’ve experienced firsthand, and what I’ve seen and heard from others over the years. I encourage students to practice with intensity and precision, but always with a smile and a healthy dose of humor.
My yoga practice began in 2003, when I first moved to Alaska to finish college. For me, like many, it began as a way to help me enjoy my other activities (hiking, paddling, biking, skiing, etc…) even more. I was tight, stiff and definitely could NOT touch my toes. Yoga helped me to feel more comfortable in my body. Several years later, the stars aligned and I attended Anchorage Yoga’s first 200-hour training in 2011. I’ve been teaching non-stop since. To supplement my teaching (and to help satisfy my thirst for knowledge of the body), I also attended a Thai bodywork training in 2012 and offer Thai massage here at the studio. Currently, I am training in myofascial release therapy and am excited to share my new knowledge in my classes. I strive to offer classes that are thoughtful, challenging and interesting and my goal is that you leave the room with a new little tidbit of information about you- whether it be physical, energetic, emotional or spiritual. Yoga truly is a journey on and off the mat and I would be honored to be a part of yours!
Sarah began the integration of yoga with her life at Core Power studios in Minneapolis several years ago. There she was able to build strength and become familiar with the physical practice. Sarah completed her 200 hour teacher training through an accomplished vinyasa-based instructor, Janet Stone, in San Francisco. Through this program, her heart was opened beyond the physical to include meditation, chanting and the idea of yoga as a way of life. Sarah’s classes will incorporate fun music and strong sequences, leaving the class with a feeling of having opened the body and mind so they can move the strength into their daily lives.
Melissa discovered yoga searching for ways to regain her flexibility and increase strength endurance. But after stepping into the studio for her first class, (at Anchorage Yoga) it was instant love. “Not only did I find the workouts for my body to be extremely beneficial, but surprisingly the workout for my soul became more important.” After one year of consistent practice, Melissa decided to enter Anchorage Yoga’s Teacher Training Program in 2012, and begin the the first steps towards her path as a yoga instructor. As a classically trained dancer, Melissa brings to her classes insights gained from decades of movement study intertwined with the foundations of yoga principles. Whether you are a novice just trying to to improve your overall physical wellbeing, an experienced yogi, or a trained athlete, I lead classes that offer up something for everyone. “On my path to become a better teacher, I have discovered that I am constantly learning, and I would love to invite all of my students to never stop growing, explore your inner strength, practice safely, embrace the hard work...and always leave class with a smile.” Om Shanti Shanti Shanti
It's the ultimate paradox that I find myself both a student and teacher of a practice based on silencing the mind! I came to yoga with, at first, much resistance. My love/hate relationship with the practice of yoga dissolved into pure passion after my first hot yoga class. My "hot' yoga teachers focused less on perfect alignment and placed the emphasis on effort, focus, and determination. I was hooked! My classes celebrate opposites: movement and stillness, music and quiet, effort and surrender—while always remembering to embrace our inner voice! Much love to all my "big" teachers (Rick Resnick, Jimmy Barkan, and Katherine Inman) and "small" teachers (to many to name). Namah Shivaya!
Leah’s yoga practice began in 2007, but it wasn’t until 2009, as she searched for purpose and deep-seated fulfillment in her life, did she get a taste of the limitless and infinite possibilities that all aspects of yoga can offer. Leah completed a 300-hour yoga teacher training and Thai massage certification program in Nepal in 2010 with Yogi-Nomad, a non-profit organization dedicated to expanding consciousness through yoga worldwide. Leah loves to travel because it allows her to step outside her comfort zone (which is expanding drastically with every new experience and discovery), however, yoga has revealed the age-old concept that true happiness and inner peace must stem from within. Not only is yoga guiding Leah to develop a deeper understanding of herself, but more than anything, it is bringing awareness to the subtleties in life and about being in the PRESENT MOMENT. By being here and now, conversations are richer, connections with friends and strangers are fuller and more colorful, and through constant cultivation of self-love, the she is able to share her positive energy with others every day. Leah’s classes incorporate creative and dynamic movement for students to explore their body and mind. She encourages students to extend the lessons learned on the mat and apply them to their everyday lives. When it comes down to it, yoga should be fun and feel GOOOOD from the inside out.
I started doing yoga in 2001 while living in Reno Nevada. I was amazed I had no back pain after class. I had a back injury 6 years earlier and had depended on pain pills and muscle relaxers for years and thought that was how my life would be. I kept going back and then started to reap the all the other benefits that yoga had to offer. I left the studio feeling good physically and mentally there was this peace after class that I felt. I especially enjoyed Bikram and was drawn to any practitioner who offered vinyasa with a heated room. I craved and embraced the idea of detoxing every time I practiced. I praticed regularly for the next 9 years and began craving more from my practice about 5years and decided I wanted to do a teacher training. I wanted to know more about yoga. What was this feeling of bliss? How could I make it last? How could I advance my asana practice? It took five years but I finally got around to that teacer training when Anchorage Yoga offered their first teacher training in the Winter/Spring of 2011. I entered without the intention of ever teaching, but something changed inside of me during that training. I realized I desperately wanted to share my passion and knowledge that I had developed from ten years of practice with teachers from all over the world with as many people as I could.

Bear with me. I am a sucker for cheesy jokes.

knock knock.

who's there?


yoga who?

yoga to try this--it feels amazing.

Yoga does feel amazing, yet simultaneously grueling, and strangely delicious.

On hearing that the word "tapas" not only referred to sapid Spanish bites, but also to "heat" in relation to discipline, effort, and transformation, I was intrigued. Ultimately, my yoga practice transformed. Shifting from a narrowed exercise in physical effort to an all-encompasing endeavor, pursuing a lighthearted balance in character, strength, and breath. In class, you will find a space for all levels to play with proper alignment in physical movement coupled with spirited approach to practice. knock knock...

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